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Kemala Haris Vice President America


By Masud HMN 

Melayu Pos Indonesia – Who is she Kemala Haris was knowing many people in the world. She is important woman first Vice Presiden America. .She becoming issue as popular women.

The people in the top leader of the world not many we meet, particlularly on America. Namely President Barack Obama (62) orginil biologis Presiden of America came from Afrika. Barack Obama last 44th President of America
Secondly vice presiden Kemala Haris from Madras of India to day as Vice Presiden from President Joe Biden (59). She is vice President America now and, she happy as job the Vice President said staf campaign. Joe Biden to Reuters Asosiated Press. She in White House a long 3,5 years a go.

If President Joe Biden not becoming Candidate next President America, Kemala Haris outomaticly as Candidat President of Rebuplic Party. Vice Presiden number second woman on America, support by group of black people from Aprica, and America.Kemala Haris (59) from origin India former attorney, Guvernor and legislator of Oucland America. Now vice President beside Joe Biden. Issue in this time will be Presiden America future.

News Post : Worst Policy Democrat Party and Republic 

Kemala Haris alumnus Law. San Frasisco ilionis university and Howard University.. National University in field he also Attorney General Calipornia (2O11- 2017). She is joung woman with get same award delivery from several world institution.That is to becoming a woman popular in America, immigrant from New Delhi, Madras, India.

See have voters support 45 -50 percent from voters Rebublic party in America, against with Donald Trumps only 35- 40 percent. Next year will General Election in America Party Republik againts Democarte party with Donald Trumps. Next she will competion with Donald Trumps from Democrat party, Issues this more and more booming in public America. Donald Trumps want to election to becoming electied future President.

Donald Trumps do working hard Champions why to support by the public America.. We wait and see. Time is tell us, What issue connected to general election is significant ? Many expert views is problem Gaza Palestine war, and other economic global, the Iran – America problem in middle east. In same time Cina South sea Asia.
That is we opinion Kemala Haris a woman still energik, becaouse she include young woman. We hope she will sucses for ever. A woman in America from out country, she is popular and support people America. Time will tell.

Jakarta, July 6th 2024
Doktor Masud HMN lecurer Of Muhammadiyah Prof Dr. Hamka (UHAMKA) University Jakarta.

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