Beranda Opini Problems The Climate Change

Problems The Climate Change


By Masud HMN

Melayu Pos Indonesia – Let us we take care indeed Problem The Climate change. Take it because the Climate change was problem in the world. Now ,we all must to do corporate together.

For Indonesia temperature of earth, over loading water, it is a part of problems, Demand full working, of allThat is connect to society and public sector.

If we speaking on an embrassing day of Earth and The Global Law project, it is many issue trends debate able. Especially officially in government. What we now need to see is climate plans. No talks only without working.
Because in government need how to Zero Plans not detailed enough to explain would cut emission. That

is important by the required Climate Change act. Of course, that is way and solution
Departemen Energy of United Kingdom Britain said in his respons that the government that means detected of Climate Change important policy would be achive policies.We understand this policies come from climate change actually to day. Like temperature of earth, water over load in many location, in the world.

We cited his judgment Juice Sheldon proposal and policies would not be detail or full. Need to review the plan” said Justice Sheldon later.
His presented to Secrerary of State to delivery proposal plan. He suggest to make Complet the propossal to be came full and detail that of proposal.,Said Mr Justice Sheldon
As all people know Climate change has a issue and world as to be searh over come search solution, Not only temperatur of earth, over load also energy. But plans no anought but all the world to copertate to ghater. Work ing hard and serius.

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Case climate change in indonesia begin case over load and land problem. Since 2024 happen rain result over load river. That big problem for many people and continue until now,
Many difficult connect to problem like as disease, food and housing , Republic Indonesia under Government tried over come or solution with several plans. Starting assist enviromental and helping to renovasi on public housing.

For this we support meeting Sri Mulyani and Minister Finance Holland in New York search solution, Two Minister arrange program about problem.  Meeting last month April 2024. Any how The international Energy Agency has previously there is no need fo investment in new oil gas projects to meet global energy demand. We must support this statement.

Jakarta, May 17, 2024
Doktor Masud HMN Lecture Muhammadiyah University Prof Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Jakarta

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